Monday, August 11, 2014

Veteran Leader of C.P.I - Nallakannu

R.Nallakannu is an Indian politician and also Senior Communist   Party of India (CPI) leader. He was the former State Secretary of the Communist Party of India of Tamil Nadu. He was born in the temple town of Srivaikuntum, in VO. Chidambaranar district. 

Born in an affluent family, he was very patriotic from an young age and participated in the freedom struggle.

Born to a Highly religious and a noble father,who was a helpfulman to all people in the local town, was heartbroken to hear that his son was sentenced to life imprisonment.Though communist activities are unknown in a traditional Hindu family,his father always talked about his son in a manner of pride, till the last days of his life.

His elder brother was a senior IRS officer of govt of India.His wife Ranjitham was the daughter of a communist leader,herself,who as a wife rendered a tireless life of sacrifice ,wedded to a diehard communist leader.His two daughters,the elder is a headmistress of a school,and the younger one is a professor in a medical college.

At the age of 15, Nallakannu joined in the communist movement, mainly agitated by the atrocities committed to the downtrodden people, of a particular community. A firebrand politician, he belonged to the action force, and was handed over 14 years in jail. Though he was released after 7 years as a pact was signed by the communist leaders and then the chief minister of Tamil Nadu. A very dedicated, and a most sincere politician,he has set an example how a politician should live, with simplicity, and diginity, and an effective role model.,for all politicians to follow .Highly respected even by the opponent parties, he uses most cultured restraint even when he voices his concerns about unpleasant occurrences.Respected as one of the last surviving leaders who founded communist movement in India.widely travelled, and his visits include,USSR,Germany,China,and of late to USA.

Even at the Age (September 26)of 89 plus he individually fought a court case in Madurai, and won in High court ordering a ban on digging sands from the river Thambaraparani of his native place. He has undergone many a hunger strikes some lasting for more than 20 days and once the govt build a dam because of his hungerstrike. He was honoured by the Vice President of the Peoples Republic of China, during his visit to Beijing.

On 1999, Nallakannu stands for Coimbatore constituency on loksabha elections. Even though, He secured 43.21 percent of total votes, he was defeated by CP Radhakrishnan.On 14 August 2007, Nallakannu receives "Sahayogi Puraskar" award from Governor Surjit Singh Barnala of Tamil Nadu.On 2008, The State Government of Tamil Nadu headed by Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi has chosen senior Communist Party of India leader Nallakannu for the 2007 "Ambedkar Award" for his outstanding contribution to public life, especially to the poor and the downtrodden. On 3 October 2008, Nallakannu receives "Gandhian award" for social service from All India Mahatma Gandhi Social Welfare Forum. Nallakannu was honored by "Jeeva Award" from District Writers Association on 21 January 2009 at Thiruchirapalli.

As a writer, Nallakannu wrote many books based on social problems, River interaction possibilities in India, Agricultural reforms,and of course lot about communist based articles.He is also valued as a learned speaker, and a great social reformer,and all his life he fought for the equal opportunities for the socially most suffered communities. He stayed with them,had food with them,taught them how to fight for their own rights,from the upper classes and made considerable progress in lifting the living conditions of poor people in Nanguneri taluk and neighbouring villages,most of the period when he was spending his time in underground. 

A fearless fighter,he was,and he will do any sacrifice to uphold the principles of a casteless socity. A living example of what a leader should be, his role models were Lenin,che,and Ho-chi-min.