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A Website for all Rituals

In the present age of science too, a matter of pride, could be grasped that these rituals enjoined, sing the glory of preserving of nature supreme. However the selfless learned note that vital information/practices are frittered away, adapted to convenience and missing earnest endeavour. Now, we are making a sincere effort to help a revival suiting present age perseverance.


A web site for one stop guide for all ritual/Cultural requirements – expert Professionals / Arrangements / Materials – Vedantism (Hinduism) a time tested path for human beings, surpasses and includes every religion/caste/creed and guides him/her from wherever emotionally existing.
The team is dedicated in providing various Ritual solutions to its clients either at home or at temples. The Experts in this team have decades of experience in this domain. The list of services is not exhaustive, poised to veritable additions as time progresses.

The team is lead by Shri.B. Pichumani Sivacharyar,who has 40+ years of experience in various rituals either at home or at temples. His family is in priestly profession for nearly over four generations. The list of services is not exhaustive, poised to veritable additions as time progresses.

Dialiyer is 1st of its kind to provide Ritual Management Services through Online experience. We have the best professionals providing Pooja Service(s) with its real Charm and Vibration which will give you a new feel of positive vibes. Shopping for Ritual related services and products in India, Dialiyer offers the best prices and a completely hassle-free experience with options of paying through Cash on Delivery*, Debit Card, Credit Card processed through secure and trusted gateways. Now shop for your entire Ritual requirement on our site with expert descriptions to help you arrive at the right decision of choosing the service that best suits you. Dialiyer also offers free home delivery** for many of our products. Get the best prices for any other specific requirement apart from the Pooja services/Products listed. We assure you the best online experience every time, guaranteed. Count on us for all your Ritual/Cultural needs.

Our special thanks & pranams to Pujya Sri Mathi Oli R. Saraswathy, who has been inspirational and instrumental in making us what we are today and thanks to all other hearts who are behind our efforts in materializing this effort.

Science and religion are both attempts to help us out of the bondage; only religion is the more ancient, and we have the superstition that it is the more holy.

The Vision

Serve for betterment of humankind by facilitating Hindu Rituals.
Be a 'One stop' shop for Hindu cultural requirements.
Global promotion of Hindu customs, which holds its value & charm, in its true form.

The Services

Dial Iyer is a unique attempt for fulfilling the wishes of our clients to perform Hindu Rituals and allied functions. Facilitation will be provided for;

a) Arranging right kind of ‘Purohit’ (one who is learned & performs the rituals in righteous way) understanding the need of clients.

b) End to end Pooja item(s)** for requested ritual will be delivered duly*. A function not only calls for pooja requirement alone but also other things like catering, musicians, florists etc., which is a value addition provided for a wholesome experience.

Pooja Items is subjective and varies based on the ritual performed. Dialiyer provides default set of high quality items. If further items required, it will be provided separately with additional cost.

Delivery is subject to client’s request. To know more please visit our Contact Us page.

* Subject to the product/service being defined under CoD.
**Visit our Delivery policy to know more on free shipping delivery. 

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