Saturday, August 9, 2014

A Self-Confident Village School Teacher

In South India, state of Tamilnadu, Karur District, Krishnarayapuram Constituency, a small village namely Narikattiyur with a total population of between 1000 to 1100 people, where a Panchayat Union Elementary School is functioning from the year 1956, when it was established. The school was functioning with a student strength of lesser than 50.

Meanwhile in 2002, the students strength has drastically reduced to mere 5 a closure condition of this school. In this situation a Headmistress namely Tmty.R.Vijayalalitha has taken charge on June-18, 2002. Being a single (S.Nirmala ) teacher school, (PTA Teachers - 2 ) with enormous confidence, visited all nearby houses in which all school age students were called for studying in that school. After several attempts the strength of 5 has gone up to 38, in 1 year.

After taking charge of this school she has spent Rs.50,000 / - for Additional School Building, Ceiling fan, Painting, Bathroom & Toilet facilities. Been in a closing stage of school in the forthcoming years strength has rised slowly as 64 , 71 , 78 , 103.

Due to the increase of students, and un-availability of classrooms, two additional buildings at Rs.4.15 / - lakhs were allotted. The Headmistress accompanying with her Husband Mr.Sudhirkumar donated Rs.1,00,000 / - affordable by them.

With the above cash and collecting more from other peoples, two additional School Buildings were constructed with all facilities ( challenging like in private schools ) such as Tiled floors, Ceiling Fan, Wall Charts, Purified water, Computers for Training, Toilet the Headmistress.

Due to Educating Methods, Strict and Discipline year by year students strength increased. For the past 5 years the people living nearby to the school send their children by arranging Auto-rickshaw facility.

Pre-K.G children of Private schools are joining in 1st standard of this school.Even class 1 to 4, students of private schools too join this school. Including English medium classes a total of 7 classrooms now, doesn’t provide sufficient building, a visit conducted by the District Collector Tmty.S.Jayanthy, assured that she would take necessary action for additional building for this school.

Now, the strength being increased as 217, Village Education Committee has proposed to Enhance as Middle school.

While talking about the efforts taken, the Headmistress Tmty.Vijayalalitha has enunciated as by approaching parents door-to-door, advertising in local T.V. channels, we admitted students. By carefully handling with quality education, keeping the premises clean, many parents are admitting their children educated in private schools.

Located at 10.57 N latitude and 78.06 E longitude nearby cities are Thiruchirapalli, Kangeyam and Dindigul.

While Enhancing the level of School, teachers strength may also increase. Hats Off to Headmistress Madam ! Continue your service.