Saturday, August 23, 2014

Limbo skating - Guinness record small boy

Medvin Deva might be just an eight-year-old but he has already earned the Guinness world record for limbo skating at a height of nine inches for a distance of 50 metres. At a recent press conference organised at his school to showcase the fete, Medvin talks about how he copes with studies and skating.


Skating from the age of three, Medvin’s daily routine involves waking up at 5 am and starting practice by 6 am. After this, he heads to school where he enjoys studying and playing like any other child his age would.

Medvin set the record early this year on February 22 at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium skating rink. Cheered on by his schoolmates, and under the directions of chief coach of Anna Nagar Roller Skating Rink K P Unnikrishnan, he went on to get the record. Judges from Tamil Nadu Book of Record and Asia book of Record judged the attempt.The previous record had been set by a nine-year-old Rohan Konane of Belgaum back in 2009.

R. Medvin Deva wants his father to buy him a cycle in return. “He doesn’t understand the importance of the achievement,” smiles his father Raju. As of now, all Medvin knows is that “it’s a big award; the world’s biggest.”

Long hours of practice early in the morning, breakfast in the car en route to school from the Anna Nagar Roller Skating Club, bruises on his thighs…it has all paid off, feels Medvin’s father. “I feel proud of him. People ask me why we put in so much effort and what’s the point of attempting to set Records and such,” says Raju. “I really can’t say why except that we feel happy doing this. People recognise Medvin.

Medwin’s father Raju and mother Jasmine have always been encouraging, to an extent that they removed the furniture inside their house to allow Medvin to practice. Medvin says that in the run up to the world record attempt, he had kept away from non-vegetarian and junk food, and celebrated his success with a pizza with his family.

“Medvin’s one of the top rankers in the class. He is punctual to the class despite waking up for skating practice at 5 am. He makes it to the school without taking a day’s leave. We are proud of him as an achiever,” said Emily Titus, principal of CSI Ewarts Matric School.

Both Medvin’s parent and coach lament that there are not enough facilities for skating here, where Medvin can skate on a straight line for 100 meters. They are in search of facilities that will help Mervin set new records for skating over long distances.

Medvin is into the Asian Book of Records for limbo skating over a distance of 45 m. “The previous Record for lowest limbo skating was for 10 inches and 10 m. Our initial aim was to beat that,” explains Raju. “We have also applied to Guinness for a limbo skating Record for 25 m. We hope to receive the certificate soon.” Medvin also aims to set a Guinness World Record for longest and fastest limbo skating. “He will limbo skate over a distance of 60 to 65 m,” explains Raju. The Record for the longest skating will be attempted in another 15 days, he adds. “Space is a constraint. We are looking at a long, level ground. A rough stretch could hurt his legs,” he says

I hope that all this will help him in his college education in some way.”