Thursday, May 28, 2015

Vaityar Usman Ali herbal father died

Ayurvedic Medicine

King of Herbs, Vaityar Usman Ali, revered as the father of medicine, like us, they died on 21/5/2015 ..


His loss is irreplaceable.

He is a mobile Herbal Dictionary ..

Creator of many researchers obtained a doctorate in the field of botany botanical ..

Maharashtra Mandal health and the root causes of such large charity founder ..

World-renowned Gujarat Ayurvedic University Asst.Director that is formar OSD Gujarat Ayurvedic University - as an Ayurveda, Siddha and Unani drugs

Impkaps Adyar Chennai, the company started to produce the greatest era, not only in his role as an expert botanist is profound talaimai impakaps effectively gave the special launch.

The first head of the company, was an expert in botany tempk many herbs utaviyar reach the people.

This NGO Chairman CTMR by traditional clinical study to research the various Field.

A great deal of paranoia father maruttuvarkalukke herbal medicine herbs in all of paranoia atiyalam indicator, telling them the benefits of simple master unknown.

Cat Kidney Failure mustache to find a drug that works very well spoken most brilliant genius

Herbs & Medical Centre in Chennai to inaugurate our heels Originator .http: //

Kuttraalam me that his son was a very big seminar in college Goddesss .My son was pleased to call me that.

Like us about the use of herbal medicine, showed the way for the single.

Pirava with my brother, Dr. Siddiq Ali, MD (Siddha) Usman Ali vaitya they ever learn so many things from many physicians from them, pointing to the way that mutalali call them my brother, Siddiq Ali.

Herbal genius he expected any benefit to anyone replica.

Doctors such as the guide for us, as a father, mentor passed away on the morning of Thursday 21/5/2015, was one place where they can fill with sorrow and sadness mara pirarttittavan crying for his success in the Hereafter ...